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Poor Snowy couldn't take all the pressure - so she's quit her job. I feel bad, but we can't sit here in silence. It's time to take Snowy's place! Paint me Snowy's colour! Tribute to Snowy! I will be taking over as the icy penguin! Even my Beta Hat is going to join me on an icicle adventure! I hope Snowy comes back one day to continue! We will look after Snowy's reputation! Signed by,
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There are new buildings coming up, and of course , they are being helped on blueprints and construction plans by the majestic Flippers. Yes - it's me, Flippers! I have come with updates bearing the new construction site in the Plaza. You can all guess what this will be - the Pizza Parlor! How fantastic does this look just from the outside? Also, I am only just helping out! The inside is not even nearly done yet! Isn't that ever so exciting? Here is a picture on the inside - a fabulous view for dining! Wow! Isn't that just so amazing?! There are also windows behind you so you can see the nice view behind, watch the snow fall... great, isn't it? You and your best friends can come 'round here and eat all day long, with lovely smelling candles! We rated this area a ten outta ten! Here is the kitchen - where chefs will preform necessary things to make pizza! Any type of pizza you   want - you just name it, lad! Thanks for reading about the


Welcome, penguins, to the most important thing all Club Penguin fans will need to know. And the most important thing I know. You all surely know how Club Penguin Island is shutting down, and with it, ushering the end of the Club Penguin era? Well. Yes. That is being saved. Listen closely to my instructions. DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THE DISCORD FOR A LIVELY CONVERSATION, UPDATES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AND MORE! First of all, I'm going to give you a short tutorial on how to get onto this free-to-play game. It's only just opened. I'm not sure if you can still get the beta hat or not, but I logged in the very first hour of open beta. On with the tutorial! There is the official site in which you will use to register an account. You  must  enter your parent or guardians email if you are under the age of 13. You will then get your parent or guardian to verify the email. Please tell them the ema


My name is Flippers. I'm the  best  builder there is around, and I'm the best you'll ever find. No, not even Rory can compete. Unless you are implying he can create a machine capable to track Herbert and stop his plans? If you want to doubt that - which you obviously will not be doubting, then I will have to ask you to invite Rory over for a friendly building battle - who can construct the best machine? I already  have.  Who do you think gifted you those lovely blue hard hats? I also have created a time travel machine. I'll even show you, just this minute. BUZZ... CONNECTING TIME GADGET... FAILED... RECONNECTING... SUCCESS! HARD-DRIVE ACCESSED SUCCESSFULLY ENTER COMMAND TIME TRAVEL IN PROGRESS... Still don't believe me? I guess you just can't be told the truth. Anyway, thanks for reading. Tell Rory  I could beat him in a competition. Any day.     Signed by,


Whoops. You didn't even get a chance to actually figure out who Doc was. Well, here's a lil' intro onto the team! You'll meet some of them on ahead.. they're a little shy, though! There's three of us active right now! Doc is a penguin medic, hence her name 'Doc.' and she helps any injured penguins with a little poke of a magical tool! But that can't be revealed! Oh - did I even mention myself? I'm Cleo, the Blue Penguin. Not just any blue. A  special blue  penguin. Yeah, that's right! (I'm actually just normal.. don't judge!) I just can't find my beta hat.. oopsies. By the way, I'm the best editor, right? You're lucky to have seen Doc even post an article - she's very busy helping others out! Lastly, we have Rocky, who is the founder of this entire page. We aren't the official Club Penguin Times but we're here to make your experience of reading interesting and fun! I don't have much else to say,


We're at the brink of extinction, us penguins. But will that brink stay? Will it go? Or will we be sent away, to some other place... like our old universe. Is that possible? Of course. We'll be thrown away, into that BIN bag. But knowing us penguins, we always make a full recovery. We've had many different universes destroyed. ALL OF THEM WERE REMADE! We have no clue as to what is going to happen to us. All we know is our island is going to be non-existent very shortly, and I kid you not, I'd probably be blaming Herbert. Yes, Herbert. That polar bear with his tactical plans... always trying to destroy us! But... we're missing loads of our old friends. Where's Sensei? Did he make it to the island? Perhaps Sensei is hiding away. Maybe he's teaching penguins in hiding Shadow Card Jitsu. Not just our teachers, but also our actual friends. We missed them all, and we got a chance to reunite with Club Penguin Island. But now it's shutting down.

Welcome to Club Penguin Times!

This is the first official post for the Club Penguin Times! My name is Rocky Detour, and I am the current owner of Club Penguin Times! I'll try and make this experience the greatest one we've ever had, Penguin Family. Here's some quick info about the Times! The times was originally owned by someone else on a completely different site. We went our separate ways. I don't hate the person but we're on a different road right now. We'll be doing a mixture of Club Penguin Island and Club Penguin Online! That'll be for your interests, though, which one would you like to see more? We are 100% kid friendly! We do not tolerate swearing or any kind of cyber-bullying! We will help you sort your problems out with that if you're severely being bullied! Any rude or inappropriate commands will be removed. You will get three warnings, and after the three warnings, it's a BAN. We'd like to thank you for reading down this far, even though it wasn't that